Happy Customers

Mardi has been an integral part of my and my dog’s lives since 2019. I have never experienced anything as holistic and profoundly healing as BodyTalk … I come out of every session feeling balanced and at peace.

A session that stands out for me is a distance video session for one of my dogs that had been having a tough time and wasn’t coping. So many things came up in his session that made sense, and I was finally confident that I could find ways to support him. I was watching him noticeably relaxing throughout the session as each item came up and was cleared, and afterwards he went into the deepest sleep. The next day he woke up so much more relaxed and confident and playful.

To be able to communicate with our pets and gain insight into their health and wellbeing is incredible and I feel so blessed to have Mardi in my life.


Sam. S

I go to Mardi regularly for bodytalk. She is brilliant and so in tune with your body and what’s going on within it. She is raw and down to earth and makes me feel instantly comfortable around her. I honestly think I would not be who I am today without the support Mardi has given me over the last few years. I just love her..



I have been a client of Creature Speak for about 2 years, receiving treatment myself, my dog and my daughter’s dog.
Although I have a chronic progressive illness, Mardi’s professional care has seen a noticeable slowdown of the symptom progression, so much so that people have commented that I look younger.
There has been a notable settling in our dogs after Mardi’s treatment.
Creature Speak’s professionalism is evidenced by these results.

Terry. H