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Happy Holiday Petcare

As a mobile pet carer within Bathurst & surrounding areas I visit pets & animals at their home, whilst their owners are away.
There are many benefits to leaving pets in the safety & comfort of their own environment & if you have multiple pet’s, it is usually more economical than popping them into boarding. Or if you have animals like chooks, fish or reptiles then it makes even more sense to get someone in.

It is important however to ensure you have a trusted & reliable source!

Unfortunately I hear stories about ‘friends’ who were supposed to pop in daily for a week to feed pets but they only turned up once, leaving the animals starving and frantic when the owner’s returned home.
If you employ an animal caretaker like myself then you can ensure your pets are in good hands.
Of course boarding kennels are a wonderful option for secure care and socialisation but some pets just don’t go so well in those environs.
That’s where an experienced caretaker like myself comes in handy. When I visit I of course feed, ensure water is fresh & topped up, medicate, walk, play & cuddle with your pet. I clean/change litter or bedding, pick up other messes & because I am also an animal balancer I facilitate a non-invasive calming technique for each animal or group, which aids in their wellbeing while you’re away.
Many people add they are pleased with the security benefits that there is a presence on their property once or twice a day to keep an eye on things.
Whilst there I can water plants, put the bins in & out, turn on/off lights, open/close blinds & bring in packages.
I send regular updates & photos to the owners of their beloved pet’s & their activities.
Best of all there is an experienced & reliable person to ensure the wellbeing of your animals.

If you’d like a quote or further information please don’t hesitate to get in contact Mardi Williams: 0407940903

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