Happy Autumn – Therapy Success

black dog looking into camera

Body Talk Therapy

The BodyTalk Therapy sessions I facilitate works with the mental and energetic levels of an animal’s body and how the state of those, then affect the physical level and their behaviour – Mental Health Therapy for Animals if you will.

I began working with 2yr old Pug: Autumn in April this year, her owner’s concerned for her high anxiety when strangers came to the house and in particular a distinct fear of males.

Ground Work

She was a little nervous and vocal on my arrival but we were firm friends by the end of her session. Her Mumma couldn’t quite believe the transition she went through.

During her session, we covered some serious ground including the processing of an ‘active memory’ – an event in which she had been cornered by a male.

Sessions Start

At the time of this event, Autumn was either unable to or otherwise inhibited to fully move through the natural process of expressing her emotions. This memory was then stored within Autumn’s body, holding a strong emotional charge of fear oriented to males – which then acted like a filter through which she then lived her daily life until she had her BodyTalk session.

The days following the session it was reported she was far more relaxed and happy, with a significant improvement in her behaviour.

Follow Ups from Me

One month later I received an update that she was far less fearful & reactive toward male’s on walks, her overall wellbeing & character really shining through!

In June I visited for a follow-up session which addressed and supported healthy lymphatic drainage (waste disposal) within her Large Intestine and Kidneys, where from an alternate perspective, subconscious emotions of fear and grief hang out. In addition, her session also encouraged inhalation of joy, circulatory cleansing and energetically balancing her to her ‘place in the pack’.

Results Speak for Themselves

I have no doubt this all contributed to another brilliant report when I followed up a few weeks later: that she had been comfortable to receive a pat from a male friend!

A relieving and pleasing result all round.

If you’d like a therapeutic session to support your pet and get valuable insight into their mental health and wellbeing please get in touch!