Creature Speak


Mental Health Therapy for all Creatures

   What is Creature Speak?


Simply put, it is Mental Health Therapy for Animals and their people.
Any domestic pet, performance or livestock animal that has experienced mental, emotional, physical trauma or displays imbalanced behaviours.
This therapy is particularly wonderful for rehabilitating rescued, re-homed or adopted pets. It allows them a ‘voice’, the opportunity to process emotions & past experiences or events, provides mental relief, improves their overall wellbeing, their behaviour & balances them to their new life & environment.
The programs also empower families, providing; insights into the health of the animal, respect for the natural essence of the animals and how environmental energies or stresses can affect the entire family, herd, flock, pack….


A holistic care service for all creatures.
-BodyTalk Systems therapy for Animals and People
-Therapeutic Mobile Pet Care Specialist
-Wedding Pet Chaperone
As a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner I facilitate healing sessions to repair & balance behavioural, physical, emotional, mental & environmental concerns. Aiding in whole bodymind wellbeing. This modality is especially beneficial for animals as it gives their body’s a chance to ‘speak’. It’s the answer you didn’t realise existed!

Creature Speak is based in Bathurst, NSW – servicing on a global level. Sessions are completed either in-clinic at Creature Speak, mobile at your residence or online via suitable video platform, phone or email so location is no barrier!

Offering consults in communication, health & BodyTalk Systems balancing for:
Animals: Domestic Pets, Performance Animals, Livestock or Zoo & Sanctuary
People: Babies, Children, Teen & Adults


A word from my clients

I am one of Mardi‘s regular body talk clients and honestly would be sick with stress related issues if it wasn’t for her help.. I don’t understand bodytalk and I don’t want to begin to, all I know is that it’s precise, its effective and that my mental health is so much better since seeing Mardi regularly. I gave it a go thinking what have I got to lose and it was the exact thing I had been seeking to help me… I love it and Mardi

Martine Cashen

I can’t recommend Mardi highly enough … for humans and pooches! This is the feedback I gave after Mardi recently did a session with one of my dogs after he started becoming aggressive towards one of my other dogs, who used to be his best mate. Everything that came through in the session made so much sense and is helping me to fit the pieces of the puzzle together while I work with a behaviourist to get back to a harmonious household.

I am

BodyTalk Explained

BodyTalk System™ Wellbeing Sessions, Communication & Care Services for all Creatures – Bathurst & Beyond. 


Whether you’re a human or an animal, all body’s have the ability to speak & heal from the inside. They are designed to mend & grow – physically, emotionally, mentally & spiritually.

When we cut ourselves the body immediately activates it’s built in mechanism to heal the wound at all these levels.

However a build up of everyday life stress, experiences & trauma isn’t so easy to heal like a cut. In fact for humans, stress is the number one cause of disease in the world today. Stress is unique to every individual, it could be a physical injury, severe illness, emotional trauma, relationship difficulties, parenthood challenges, financial strain, overwork, poor nutrition, learning difficulties…etc

BodyTalk Continued

When stress occurs the natural communication lines within body’s begin to break down. It distorts the nervous systems’ ability to set priorities based on perceived needs of the body. When a body forgets how to speak to itself – disease, illness & injury occur.

A symptom is the last stage of imbalance – the body is crying out for help – it needs to be heard! In animals, symptoms can manifest as behavioural issues, emotional disorders, physical challenges or all three. 

Animals in interaction with humans become sensitive to human lifestyles, culture, technologies let alone our stress, belief systems & emotions. They even hear & understand an unprecedented amount of our language & tone of voice. Domestic animals can even take on problems or issues of their owners & manifests illness as a result. 

All creatures are different though & we each have a unique ‘story’ – the reasons for your stress are different to the reasons for my stress & my rescue dog has experienced things I can’t even imagine…

BodyTalk Continued

So. Many. Layers. So, where do you start to pull back those layers, & start the healing process? How do you work out what is the most important stuff first? Then reconnect communication & balance the imbalances?

THERE IS WAY! A way for body’s to speak & prioritise a formula for their own healing?

– A way that when all the parts & systems of the body communicate with each other, healing happens naturally.
– A method that finds which parts need better communication & balance.
– A modality that respects the order of factors that need to be addressed, as determined by the body’s own ability to know itself.
– A system that is non-invasive & uses gentle touch, simple techniques & tapping to fix, store & save the repair.
– A system that has powerful pre-set techniques that when used for animals will address common ailments & conditions that result from enduring the stresses of daily living.

Certified BodyTalk Access Technician for Animals

Certified BodyTalk Practitioner for People (CBP)

Practising Member of the International BodyTalk Association

Intuitive Interspecies Communicator

Over 25 years of pet experience, reliable, trusted & down-to-earth

Practitioner Membership & Insurance with International Institute for Complimentary Therapists

Working With Children Number: WWC2159093E

Criminal Check & Certified Pet Sitter (written by RSPCA)

Energetic volunteer with Central West Animal Rescue

 BodyTalk for Animals

The BodyTalk for Animals addresses common conditions & environmental stresses endured from everyday living.
Anxiety, trauma, behavioural problems can all be addressed by listening to your animal and highlighting their unique formula for healing. Sessions can be performed through short or long distance.

Mobile Pet Care

Whether you’re away for the day, overnight, the weekend or longer. I come to your house, once or multiple visits a day or even overnight. I can: feed, water, play, fuss, walk, toilet, medicate, cuddle, pick up poo, clean out cages, change bedding, water plants, put out bins, turn security lights on, open & close curtains, collect mail etc – all customisable to you & your pet or animal’s needs. This extends to hobby and large farms also.

BodyTalk for People

Comprehensive & non-invasive BodyTalk sessions for Adults & Children uses the basic protocol to address the body & formulate its priority for healing.
It identifies which aspects of the body are poorly linked & under communicating by utilising bio-feedback & tapping techniques to enhance the body’s natural healing abilities. This works on all levels: physical, mental, emotional & spiritual. An amazing energetic practice designed to heal body’s from the inside out.
Sessions can be performed short or long distance.

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